Email Subject Line: Get Your Website At the Top of Google in 24 Hours!

So you pull up your email after getting your first cup of coffee, and this email subject line grabs your attention: “Get Your Business At the Top of Google in 24 Hours!” You click on it, and it reads somewhat similar to this:

We get your business on the Front TOP Page of Google in less than 24 hours for NO COST

What would being on the front page of Google do for your business?
Plain and simple, it would increase sales / profits by over 45%. 

Not only does being on the front page of Google bring in much more business, it also helps your company’s reputation and marks you as an expert in your field

  •  We do the work and get you on the top front page of Google next to the map before you pay a dime!
  • No Contracts….everything’s month to month based on your satisfaction
  • First page Google placement within 24 hours & we keep you on the first page -Guaranteed
  • Complimentary 2-page Website if requested

Call Us Today!  You can’t afford NOT to!

So is this worth looking into?  Who are these people, how can they guarantee results, and, more importantly, how did they get your contact information?

The bottom line is, THIS IS SPAM.  You are on a computer generated list of email recipients, who are ALL getting this same email.  There is NO way that a company or person can do the correct research for your market, business and needs, and do the same for EVERYONE else on the email list too.  Consider some facts:

  1. Google and other search engines do not publish their algorythms (formulas for calculating who gets placed where) to ANYONE
  2. Google and other search engines change these algorythms periodically
  3. NO ONE, business or personal, can guarantee a particular spot in organic search results.  They are not sold.

How Do I Get Good Placement on Search Engines?

Google gets 74% of search traffic, 7 out of 10 consumers look to Google for advice on who they should spend their money with. 84% of Google searches never make it past the first page, while 75% of all clicks come from the first 3 listings on Google.

Here are some things that are considered when search engines look at your site:

  • Unique, Fresh Content
  • Unique Title Tags, Descriptions & Keywords for each page
  • Page Load Speed
  • Inbound Links that are Relevant to Your Site’s Content

Business Listings with search engines oftentimes show up in search results higher than other listings, so it is important that this information is accurate and links back to your site as well.

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